The Design Hotels™ Book 2016 tells the story of 289 hand-picked hotels across 181 destinations around the globe, and the original hoteliers who brought them boldly to life.
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The Design Hotels™ Book 2016 presents the much-anticipated annual Influencers List—putting the spotlight on 10 daring designers and architects shaping the face of modern design, from Kit Kemp and India Mahdavi, to Space Copenhagen and Matteo Thun.
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Featuring a curated collection of spectacular photography and exclusive behind-the-scenes stories, the book celebrates the visionaries behind today’s most inspiring hospitality concepts over 500 pages.
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The Design Hotels™ Book celebrates 10 trailblazing architects and designers, whose creative expression not only informs the way in which people travel, but also influences the work of creatives the world over.
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The definitive design and travel journal highlighting member hotels in over 50 countries.
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Through thoughtful stories, profiles, and stunning photography, The Design Hotels™ Book 2016 pays homage to the golden age of design-led hospitality and the creative souls who strive to create original experiences for their guests.
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The 2016 edition of The Design Hotels™ Book will be released on April 1, 2016, and is priced at 59.90 EUR. The book is available to pre-order from www.designhotels.cc/shop/book-2016
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The Design Hotels™ Book 2016
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